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Eclipse Effect Events...Excitement, Emotion, Elegance...The Experience. Professional DJ, MC, sound, lighting design, and event production services.  We are an enthusiastic team on Hawaii Island creating fun and creative events with a touch of elegance.  A team of experts in our field with an extensive history of night club, radio, concerts, and upscale events.  Not just a DJ company.  You'll get that extra guidance with a personal touch to make sure you feel comfortable and confident while planning your event.  The more you know and the more you are prepared before your event, the more you'll enjoy it.  We're here to make sure your event turns out unique and exactly the way you envision it to be.  Every event is special.


Creative & Fun

Creative & Fun

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We can help you create a party that is fun and creative.   From birthday parties, holiday parties, graduation parties, retirement parties, to any other reason to celebrate and have a good time.  Don't get stuck not knowing what type of activities to do at your event.  We can help give you ideas and advice on how to fill your event with interaction, games, laughter, dancing, and most importantly FUN!

Every Event is Special

Every Event is Special

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Every event is special.  You celebrate milestones once in your life.  You get one high school graduation, you celebrate each birthday age once, you get one retirement party.  Your event will be treated like it's special.  That's because it is.  We understand that we're there to celebrate the celebrant.  If your guests laugh, dance, and celebrate all in one night, it makes for a night that will always be remembered.

Pick A Theme

Pick A Theme

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Are you stumped with trying to come up with ideas on how to turn that regular party into an extraordinary one?  Try a theme.  Themed parties are always fun.  Having a theme turns your party into one with character.  Eclipse Effect Events can help you set up your theme party.  We will work with your ideas to create a sound, lighting, and overall event experience into a one of a kind event that you and your guests will love.



You and your guests having fun and dancing the night away, that is the goal of a wedding DJ.  That's also our goal for each and every wedding.  There are also moments at weddings that bring out emotion.  If your guests laugh, cry, dance, and celebrate, those are things that create a perfect wedding. Eclipse Effect Events is here to work alongside wedding couples’ to tell their story of love.  We become creative partners working together with you for an amazing wedding experience.  It's that extra guidance, advice, and creativity we provide that will leave you more confident and prepared during your wedding.  With this extra preparation, it allows you to have peace of mind and to really enjoy your wedding.  Our DJs will work with your requests and feel you want for your wedding to create that perfect soundtrack for your night.  Our MC hosts will create interactivity, emotion, and a great time for you and your guests. We're here to showcase your story of love and celebrate you.


Special Touches

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Dancing on the


Cold Spark

Fireless Fireworks


Other Services: Projector & Screen, Ceremony Services (PA System, lapel mics, and music).

Creating Moments (Videos)

Login Area

Once you book a wedding package with Eclipse Effect Events, we make it easy for you to keep in touch with us and take some stress off the planning. You get exclusive access to our client login area, which gives you access to planning form (which allows the MC know who to announce in your wedding party or lets the DJ know what song to cue up at what time), a timeline form (makes creating a timeline for your reception easy), and a music request form (this lets you look up your favorite songs, preview them, and submit them to us to have ready for your wedding). The music request area also has section with top wedding song ideas. For example if you can't find the right song for your cake cutting, mother-son dance, etc., just check out the "Top Wedding Songs" section.  We help you create a unique timeline that will keep you and your guests engaged and entertained.  This is done by getting to know you.  Getting to know your personalty, hobbies, and getting to know what is important to you.  We have special ways to get your guests talking about your wedding after the event is done.  From custom songs with personalized messages for first dances to games like warm ups games, the "Shoe Game", the heart warming “Generations Dance”, and more.  Then add in surprises in between and you'll have a night that you and your guests will always remember.

Wedding Tips Email Series

With our wedding services you'll be given access to our "Five Easy Steps to a Creative Wedding" email series.  This email series is full of wedding tips that will be emailed to you over a months time.  These tips will help you be prepared and boost your confidence for your big day.  It also goes over some of the most asked questions past couples have asked us.  The more prepared you are, the more at ease you will be on your wedding day, and the more you will enjoy your special moments.

Here is what you will learn:

1. Getting Started on Your Wedding Program

2. First Dance Like a Boss

3. 4 Ideas for a Creative Reception

4. Mastering the Art of the Wedding Toast

5. A Few Final Tips to Leave You Confident.


The Eclipse Effect Experience

Ashely A.

"Many of our guests have complimented us on the fancy lighting and he the recording you made for my dad before the father/daughter dance."


"Our reception was so much fun our friends and family are still talking about it, which is exactly what we wanted.  Jase kept the crowd entertained all night long and  fulfilled our wishes with all the games we wanted."


"Everyone was on the dance floor including my almost 90 year old grandmother, who's favorite song is "Happy" by Pharrell."


"The feedback from my family the next day saying they loved the MC, he was funny & the dancing on the clouds was beautiful."