8 Ways to Keep People Entertained Without Dancing

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Due to the no mingling rule that Hawaii has in place for social gatherings due to Covid, some hotels and venues have decided against allowing dancing at weddings. It's not a county regulation but rather an extra precaution created by hoteliers who want their guests safe and choose instead on implementing stricter rules. The governor said he'll be loosening restrictions on Friday, so hopefully we will be back to dancing soon. Whether it's a venue policy or a choice to not have dancing when restrictions lift, either can lead people being bored stiff without any form of entertainment whatsoever. Thankfully there is always ingenuity though! Here are 8 ways you could keep guests entertained without dancing:

1. Lawn Games

Lawn games are fun for all ages! Some awesome options include Giant Jenga (definitely an impressive sight), Giant Connect Four (challenge anyone!), Podagee Horse Shoes or Horse Shoe Toss in order to liven up any event.

2. Food Experience

Share a unique food experience with your guests. Give them the best dishes from all over, like if you're an expert on Japan or have traveled there recently; serve some delicious Japanese cuisine for everyone to enjoy! They'll be too full to dance.

3. Beer/Wine Tasting

Do you have a knack for sharing stories and tasting wines? You could showcase your favorite drinks from around the world, tell tales about why these particular types of alcohol are so special to you, then maybe even pair each type with food items so everyone leaves satisfied but also wanting more.

4. Photo Booth

The photo booth is an easy and affordable way to create memories at your wedding! Props are not really appropriate right now due to Covid but fear NOT! You can have them take photos with a fun background and have them place it in an album with advice written below each photo as well as one copy for themselves in case they want proof from such a great day (we all know how important those memories feel).

5. Trivia

Having some trivia could be a great way to engage your guests! You can organize trivia where the answers are called out or written down. There's no limit as how much fun you want to have with questions on just about any topic imaginable - even facts about the wedding couple. The best part of this idea? It'll keep them engaged through their meal while also giving prizes away for participation.

6. Wedding Games

Socially distant spins on classic wedding games like the Anniversary Dance are great. The Anniversary Dance is usually where all of you come up to dance floor and slowly couples are called off the dance floor by length of your years married! The longest couple will remain out there, giving advice to any new couples who have just tied their knot in a few short hours from now (or days). You could still acknowledge the longest married couple by having the couples stand at their chairs instead of dancing. Then guests sit down instead of excuse themselves off of the dance floor. The longest married couple will be left standing and ready to give advice to the newly married couple. The Shoe Game is another great game that works that is already socially distanced. You can also play "The Shoe Game" which has been socially distant since its inception.

7. Live Entertainment

Live bands, acoustic performers, comedy shows, and hula shows are all great choices to keep guests entertained without dancing. This leaves more time for the acts!

8. Slide Show

Sharing your love story with a slide show is an easy way to make the audience more connective. You can share how you both met and how much fun you've had together!

You’ve got a great venue, but the only problem is that you can't dance there or don't want dancing there. Maybe it's because of Covid restrictions or just a choice; either way, your guests are going to need other entertainment! Here are 8 things to try at your wedding if you're worried about people getting bored.

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