Exploring Hawaii Island Covid Event Rules - Updated May 27, 2021.

Updated: Jun 11

There have been many changes with mask mandates recently. From the CDC dropping certain mask wearing recommendations to the governor dropping the mask mandates for outdoors. It's easy to get confused if these apply to Hawaii Island event regulations. One thing we know is that the governor stated, even if outdoor mask mandates have been dropped, he encourages large groups outside to continue wearing masks. Continued mask wearing for outdoor events is suggested. Since my last blog going over Hawaii Island event rules in the beginning of May, Hawaii Island event rules remain the same. It's as follows:

Social gatherings on Hawaii Island are limited to 10 indoors and up to 25 outdoors. There is a possibility that an event could have more guests. This would require submitting for an exemption a least 30 days before the event date to the county for approval.

That can be done at the following website: https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/d5823afc128d4c4baf63565393562794

Only an event planner for an established event venue or a wedding planner on behalf of their client can submit for an exemption. The event must take place at an established event venue. No personal requests to have a private party at a residence. This becomes a personal request for which exemption requests will not be accepted for.

If the event is at a restaurant and is out of their normal daily business activities, these social gathering event limitation still apply. An exemption request will still be needed for a larger event gathering at this restaurant.

There are no dancing restrictions on Hawaii Island, but it is recommended to social distance and for participants to wear a mask while dancing.

MCs should MC from a location that is socially distanced. MCs should have 10ft between them and the audience. The MC can remove their mask while speaking then should put their mask back on when not speaking.

Each island/county has different restrictions so it's easy to get confused with all the differences in information going around. So we are here keep educated and pass on the info to you to make sure we are all keeping safe. These rules could also change at anytime. It is recommended to keep up with the latest CDC rules for guidance on how to keep safe during your event. Thanks to the Hawaii County Civil Defense for working with me and answering my questions to help put this blog together.

Keep up to date with the latest Hawaii County Covid regulations and more safety info at https://coronavirus-response-county-of-hawaii-hawaiicountygis.hub.arcgis.com/

Mayor Roth's current emergency proclamation expires on June 10th. Could we see changes to event rules around then? We'll have to wait and see. Until then, let's help to keep events safe and legal.

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