Virtual events are events that take place on Zoom, Facebook, or on any other virtual meetings or social media platform.  These events are social distanced, easier to attend from the comfort of your own home or office, and can still be meaningful if done right.  Eclipse Effect Events began creating unique virtual events during the pandemic to help create events in a time when events needed to adapt.  We've helped create over 60 virtual events including a virtual mayoral debate, a virtual auction, association officer installations, award ceremonies, political streams to news stations, virtual concerts, ground breaking events, company trainings, virtual school dance, virtual CD release party, and church services.  Today with Zoom fatigue it's important to create streams of higher quality and production to stand out from the crowd.
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Benefits of Virtual Events.

  • Safety - During the current world situations with limited social gathering numbers, you can have events without sacrificing the number of attendees.
  • Save Money - Virtual events save companies money by saving on venue costs, flights, hotel stays, meals, etc.
  • Convenience - People can attended from their home, office, the beach or anywhere there is internet service.
  • Save Time - Travel to and from the event location takes time.  Virtual events eliminates this travel time.
  • Stream From Almost Anywhere - We can hold the virtual event stream from practically anywhere there is adequate internet service speed.
  • Counters Loneliness - During the pandemic loneliness was one of the top mental health problems in the world.  Having a virtual event to help people connect socially to a certain degree helps counter this problem that many people were facing.
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Virtual Event Services We Offer

  • Virtual event planning and consultation.
  • Technician to run your virtual meeting, greeting people in the lobby, managing breakout room attendees, explain rules, and technical support for large meetings.
  • Professional audio, camera, and lighting services for virtual events.  We bring the studio to you.
  • Technical support of your live stream bringing you peace of mind.
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Hybrid Events

What are hybrid events: As we get back to in person events, hybrid events will become extremely useful.  Hybrid events are events that are in person/virtual meeting.  This means a certain number of people will be in person at your event location and the rest of the attendees will be on your virtual meeting platform.  Attendees on your virtual meeting can interact with the attendees in person and visa versa.  The same goes for the presenter.  A presenter on your virtual meeting can take questions from people on your virtual meeting or in person at your event location.  A presenter in person at your event location can take questions from attendees on your virtual meeting or in person at your in person event location.  This eliminates the barriers of communication. 
Benefits of hybrid events: The benefits of hybrid events are that you can save money by not having to fly people over for company meetings, putting them hotels, and paying for their meals.  Hybrid events also helps eliminate the limit of people that can attend your event.  Event venues have a limited amount of attendees they can hold.  Hybrid events helps eliminate that limit.  Hybrid events also saves time.  It can take a lot of time to travel to and from your event location.  Especially when attendees have to catch an airplane to attend your event.  With hybrid events, attendees can just hop on the virtual event platform from their office or home saving on travel time.

A Few Virtual Events We Helped Create

Parker School Kahiau

A virtual event and online auction to support student financial aid.

20th Annual Whitey Rose Memorial President's Cup Golf Tournament

Post golf tournament stream with the Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce.

Waiakea Intermediate School 8th Grade Virtual Awards Ceremony

Waiakea Intermediate School 8th Grade Virtual Recognition and Awards Ceremony.

Big Island Thieves Mayoral Debate 2020

The Big Island Thieves Mayoral Debate 2020.

AP Day 2021

2021 Virtual Administrative Professionals Day.

HICC 2021 Installation & General Membership Meeting

Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce 2021 Installation of Officers & Directors and General Membership Meeting.

Fireside Chat with Lt. Col. Kevin Cronin

Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce General Membership Meeting and Fireside Chat with Lt. Col. Kevin Cronin.

Learn Virtual Event Games

Virtual Event Games: Kahoot!

Learn how to set up Kahoot! trivia for your next virtual event.

Virtual Event Games: Pictionary

Learn to set up and play Pictionary for your next virtual event.